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To be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant.
- John Henry Cardinal Newman (Anglican priest, converted to Catholicism)
Always act, never react.
- Douglas Wilson, quoting his father
But they then went on to wreck this insight by saying that this made marriage a glorified form of prostitution, when they should actually have made the connection in the opposite direction—pointing out that prostitution is of course a grotesque parody of marriage.
- Douglas Wilson
"They indeed will tell you that their researches have proved that if two things are similar, the fair one is always a copy of the foul one" (The Pilgrim’s Regress, p. 67).
On Writing:  
Count the hours spent in writing.  Ask yourself, how much writing have I done?  Write for yourself.  Write to defend the Faith.  Write your experiences.  Write what you want to remember.  So much of the writing is done by idiots; start writing!  We are to write and share the Faith we possess.  We are all naturally lazy; it takes work to write!  God made us rational creatures with certain experiences no one else has.  We must worship with our free will that makes us human beings.
- (Servant of God) Fr. James Hardon (
Anytime you can make someone else feel something, you've got power over them.
- Lift, Edgedancer, Arcanum Unbounded, The Cosmere Collection
That hardy-oak Puritan once observed that if you tie an animal up, he will know the length of his tether by morning. 
- Douglas Wilson