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Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado

According to an administrative law judge who reviewed the case, "[Jack] Phillips believes that decorating cakes is a form of art, that he can honor God through his artistic talents, and that he would displease God by creating cakes for same-sex marriages."

And get this: Phillips offered to sell the couple a cake he had already made that they could then customize as they desired. They refused, insisting that he be made to decorate it for them.

On August 13, 2015, a Colorado State Court of Appeals ruled Phillips must make cakes for gay weddings if he is to make any cakes at all.

To add insult to injury, the court ordered that his entire staff undergo training in the state’s policies—including his eighty-eight-year-old mother.

- Article

Interview with Phillips

Supreme Court Decision

Sweet Cakes

Oregon bakers (Melissa and Aaron Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes) fined $135,000 for declining to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

Article 1 Article 2

Florist Sued for Not Participating in Same-Sex Wedding

The 72-year-old grandmother [Barronelle Stutzman] is the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington, and is currently involved in a lawsuit involving a customer of nearly 10 years, Rob Ingersoll.

Barronelle knew Rob was homosexual from the beginning. “It was never an issue,” she said. She enjoyed working with him and said he would pick out creative vases and containers and would come in with flower requests for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

“I loved doing arrangements for Rob because I got to think outside of the box and do something special for him.”

But when Rob came in and told Barronelle that he had gotten engaged to his boyfriend, she took him by the hand and explained that she believed marriage to be a sign of the relationship between Christ and the Church, and so she could not do the floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding.

Initially, Rob said that he understood and asked if she could recommend another florist, which she did.

Later, however, his partner posted a message on social media about Barronelle’s declining to take part in the wedding, and it went viral. Soon, she was informed that she was being sued by the Washington state attorney general and the American Civil Liberties Union. Today, more than four years later, Barronelle is waiting to hear whether the U.S. Supreme Court will take her case.

- Article

NM Supreme Court: Christian Photographers Can't Refuse Gay Weddings

When Elane Photography refused to work for Vanessa Willock at her same-sex wedding, the Court said, it violated the New Mexico Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in public accommodations based upon sexual orientation. 

- Article

- Court decision

- Petition to Supreme Court

As noted in their petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Huguenins' photography business does serve gay and lesbian clients, just not same-sex weddings.

- Article

Gender Fluid Bathrooms in Churches (September 7, 2016)

On October 1, 2016, the nation's strictest LGBT non-discrimination laws will come into effect in Massachusetts. According to the "Gender Identity Guidance" released by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) last week, even churches must refer to transgender individuals by their chosen "gender identity," ignoring their biological sex.

The guidance specifically mentions churches as falling under the "public accommodation" restrictions against "discrimination" on the basis of gender identity: "Even a church could be seen as a place of public accommodation if it holds a secular event, such as a spaghetti supper, that is open to the general public," the MCAD explained.

The restrictions are massive. Any "public accommodation" must allow patrons to use men's or women's restrooms — and locker rooms and changing rooms — "consistent with their gender identity." Such places must also "use names, pronouns, and gender-related terms appropriate to employee's stated gender identity in communications with employee and with others."

Article 1 Article 2 Article 3

The original release, quoted in the above news sources, has been taken down. The only ones I've found online are the two below, which have been edited.

Gender Identity Guidance Gender Identity Guidance revised 3 months later

Child taken from Parents refusing to allow transgender 'treatment'

An Ohio court will decide the fate of a transgender teen... The 17-year-old identifies as a boy... The teen's parents want court authority to stop their child from getting treatment and therapy to convert her body from a girl to a boy.

Medical experts testified that the father's ongoing refusal to call the child by his chosen name and the parents' rejection of the teen's gender identity have triggered suicidal feelings.

The teen is in the temporary legal custody of Hamilton County Job and Family Services and lives with his maternal grandparents, who want custody and are supportive of the teen's gender identity. He wants to stay with them.

"We think the grandparents are the ones who have an open mind and will ... make this sort of decision best for the child," argued attorney Paul Hunt, who represents the guardian ad litem, or the child's court-appointed guardian. "The parents have clearly indicated that they're not open to it."

Citing the teen's mental state, Brinkman [the parent's attorney] said, "it does not appear that this child is even close to being able to make such a life-altering decision at this time."

"If the maternal grandparents were to be given custody, it would simply be a way for the child to circumvent the necessity of parents' consent," Brinkman said. "[The] Parents believe custody of the child should be restored to them, so they can make the medical decisions they believe are in their child's best interest until [the child] turns 18 years of age."

But Donald Clancy of the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office argued that the reason why the parents don't want their child to receive hormone replacement therapy is because it is also against their religious beliefs. 

The teen's lawyer, Thomas Mellott, said his parents had him enrolled at a Catholic school where he was made to wear dresses and answer to his birth name.

The grandparents' attorney, Jeffrey Cutcher, told the court he would also like the grandparents to help the child legally change his name, as even seeing his birth name on documents has caused trauma.

- Quoted from CNN Article

Blog Analysis

Christian Doctor denied work because he refuses to use preferred pronouns for transgender people


Controlling Speech

That's so Gay (2008)

Hilary Duff Wants You to Stop Saying 'That's So Gay' Article

"That's So Gay" Commercials Nab Ad Council Award Article

Videos: Hilary Duff Ad, Wanda Sykes Ad

Think Before You Speak Campaign Wikipedia

Douglas Wilson Article (2009)

Control of language - how to speak of something in a derogative way, and defining what bullying means.

Speech Police on Gender, Canada (October 28, 2016)

From Article:

He... noted that the University of Toronto had told him to stop talking about gender because it faced fines and orders from the Ontario Human Rights Code if he did not. “If the hate crime accusation stuck, I could be fired,” he said, regardless of his tenure.  

One of Peterson’s targets has been Bill C-16, still being debated in the House of Commons, which would add “trans people” to those protected against hate crime already in the Criminal Code.

Panelist Kyle Kirkup, a human rights specialist at the University of Ottawa, tried to allay concerns over Bill C-16, arguing it only penalized those promoting genocide against transgenders, and of those committing other crimes against them, such as assault, because they are transgender.

Peterson tried to make clear that transgenderism was not the issue for him. It was the idea of forcing him and all Canadians by law to use certain words against their will. Peterson sees words as essential tools to debate and discover truth without violence.

From a Reddit comment thread with more commentary:

> "The bill would do nothing to restrict people's freedom to their own beliefs or to teach their own children," Garrison told Albrecht during the debate. "What it would do is try to protect the expression of hatred and the kind of discrimination in public that takes place each and every day against transgender Canadians."

Part of the problem is that some advocates and supporters of the use of xie/hir/brrtself tend to classify non-compliance or non-support (read: not using their preferred pronouns) as "violence", or "hatred", thus enabling them to claim human rights violations for people who call a spade a spade, so to speak.

In fact, it's already happened...

Another panellist, Transgender Studies professor Nicholas Matte, flatly denied the existence of biological sex and said Peterson was guilty of “hate speech,” “abuse,” and “violence” against transgender students by refusing to use the pronouns they wanted.


Just to underline your point, here's Peterson on what transpired after his appearance alongside Nicholas Matte on TVO:

> "Immediately after the show, he [Nicholas Matte] told the host that he hoped he could get a hold of the transcript of the program so that it could be used in a legal proceeding because Steve Paikin mis-gendered one of the participants." Source

Now, if you think there's something uniquely incorruptible about our institutions that would prevent such egregious use of otherwise well-meaning legislation (as though mere intention were sufficient for doing good in this world), guess again.

> People who apply to be federal judges will for the first time be asked about their race, gender identity, indigenous status, sexual orientation and physical disability, and this information will be published for both applicants and appointees.

> And members of the 17 committees that screen candidates for federally appointed courts and make recommendations to Ottawa will receive training in “unconscious bias” so they do not reject good applicants from minority groups, the Liberal government said on Thursday.

Slippery Slope

Polyamory: When three isn't a crowd (October 26, 2013)

Original Article on CNN.

What It’s Like to Date a Horse (November 20, 2014)

"To this day it was the best sex I’ve ever had. But in some ways I regret that first time." Original Article on NYMag.

I’m a pedophile, but not a monster (September 21, 2015)

Original article on Salon. Since taken down, but archived here.

Most bestiality is legal, declares Canada's Supreme Court (June 9, 2016)

"Sex acts with animals are legal in Canada, so long as there is no penetration involved, according to a surprise ruling issued by the Supreme Court."Article on Independent.

Cuckolding (having an adulterous partner) can be positive for some couples, study says (January 25, 2018)

"The slur has its roots in the concept of cuckolding, or having an adulterous partner. But, according to a recent study by David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and the writer Dan Savage, acting on cuckolding fantasies can be a largely positive experience for many couples, and hardly a sign of weakness." Article on CNN.

A Review Of ‘The Shape Of Water,’ From A Guy Who Had Sex With A Dolphin (March 9, 2018)

Original Article Archived Article HuffPost.

TEDx | Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation (June 2018)

Video Reddit thread

Pedo in Britian and Germany

shamelesspopery Article

Assorted News Stories

Transgender prisoner who was put in a female jail despite not having sex-change surgery ‘sexually assaulted four women inmates before being moved to a male prison’